After your baby is born

Caring for you and your baby

Once you’ve given birth, and you’re all snuggled up with your little one, use those first few precious moments to start to get to know each other.

Skin-to-skin contact

Skin-to-skin contact in the first days and weeks of your baby’s life is really important.

Not only does it keep your baby warm, it regulates their heartbeat and breathing, helps you bond, and it’s your first step to breastfeeding.

And we’ve always known it, but a cuddle from mum really can help reduce pain.

Find out more about skin-to-skin contact

Feeding your baby

Breast feeding

Breast milk is amazing – it packs all the right nutrients and goodness to give your baby a great start in life. It promotes bonding, and it’s good for you, too.

Our trained midwives and midwifery assistants will help you get started as soon as possible after birth. Find out more about breast feeding at

Sign up to our infant feeding classes.

Other ways to feed your baby

We’ll always promote breast feeding as the best choice for you and your baby. If you choose not to breast feed, you’ll need to bring pre-mixed formula with you.

If your baby requires formula milk because they are ill, premature, or it’s part of their treatment, we’ll provide formula for you.

What happens next

Some mums feel they’re ready to go home as soon as possible after birth. Some mums and babies may need extra help - and that is completely normal.

Staying with us

If you’ve given birth in our birthing centre, you’ll usually stay there for a few hours before going home.

If you’ve given birth in our delivery suite, we’ll move you to our postnatal ward. Depending on the level of care you need, you could be with us for a couple of hours or up-to a couple of days.

Your baby may need to stay in our neonatal unit for a little while, depending on how early they arrived.

Going home

Baby is feeding, you’re bonding with skin-to-skin contact, and everyone is ok. It’s time to go home.

Our community midwifery teams will visit you at home to see how you’re going, and to continue your care if necessary.

If the community team hasn’t visited you the day after you get home from hospital, give them a call:

  • Harrow community midwives: 020 8869 2871
  • Brent community midwives: 020 8235 4252

More information

We understand if you start feel a little bit overwhelmed! There’s so much to do and so much to remember. But it’s ok – we’ve got some great resources for you:

Mum and baby app

North west London’s free mum and baby app, available on Android and Apple, isn’t just a source of great information.

It helps you:

  • choose where you’d like to give birth in north west London
  • set your own personalised plan for pregnancy, birth, and beyond

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Or, simply search ‘mum and baby’ to get started

Pregnancy and baby at

From conception to birth, and everything in between and beyond,’s website is full of information.

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Perinatal pelvic health clinic

These online clinics provide education, support and information on pelvic health during your pregnancy and upto 12 months post birth. 

Join the NW London pelvic health class