Kick-start your nursing career and join our capital nurse foundation rotation programme. The programme is packed with fantastic opportunities to learn, develop, and excel as healthcare professional. We’re looking for adult and paediatric nurses who are about to graduate, or nurses who have been registered for less than a year.

Apply for our capital nurse foundation rotation programme

As a capital nurse

You can:

  • choose a pathway that you want to follow
  • get preceptorship and support from experienced nurses
  • bag a permanent band 5 contract and a guaranteed job at the end of it
  • improve your chances of career development and promotion

The programme last for 18 months, or if you’re following a child health pathway, it will last two years.

Pathways and placements

Our programme includes three (or four for child health pathways), six month clinical placements in your chosen clinical pathway.

We offer a range of pathways, including:

  • specialist surgery
  • emergency, urgent, and end of life care
  • child and younger years health

Education and networking

The rotation is packed with opportunities to develop your finely trained nursing skills in a safe environment.

With a programme of preceptorship, guidance and supervision from some of the best nurses out there, and plenty of networking with other nurses on the programme, you’ll find there’s lots of support available.


You know that part of being a great nurse is being a great leader. Which is why you’ll take specific modules on leadership and mentoring, giving you a head start in your practice.


Placement one

During the first six months you will:

  • have an orientation session in your clinical area
  • be allocated a preceptor, offered preceptorship competencies and the chance to book on the preceptorship programme

Once a month all our capital nurses come together for action learning and supervision sessions.

Placement two

In the second rotation placement you will be invited to take part in our leadership development programme. The six week Edward Jenner NHS Leadership Academy Foundations in Leadership helps you to explore your leadership potential.

Placement three

In the third and final rotation for adult nurses, you will be offered the opportunity to undertake an academic module. The module will be aligned to the clinical area or speciality where you’d like to work once you complete the programme.

Placement four (child health pathway)

In the final rotation for child health nurses, you’ll select a paediatric setting of your choice to experience a new area or to consolidate your learning in your existing interests.

Next steps

If you’re ready to kick-start your nursing career in a vibrant organisation with inspiring people, what are you waiting for? We’re really looking forward to welcoming you.

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More information

Becoming a capital nurse is an amazing opportunity, but if you need more information before you take the plunge: