Your surgery at the elective orthopaedic centre

The elective orthopaedic centre is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built, centre of excellence for routine bone and joint surgery.

We only do bone and joint surgery. The centre is entirely separate from our emergency care services, so our waiting times are shorter, and your surgery is less likely to be cancelled. Your care is based on national standards and best safety practices.

And because bone and joint surgery is all we do, we’re well-practiced: our care teams, led by your surgeon from your local hospital, are the experts in orthopaedic surgery.

Watch: welcome to the elective orthopaedic centre

Bone and joint surgeries and procedures

Information leaflets

Elective orthopaedic centre pathway

Your care is overseen by your consultant from your local hospital, and they’ll join you at Central Middlesex Hospital to do the surgery on the day. The rest of your care – before and after surgery – will take place at your local hospital, in your community, or online at home.

Your outpatient appointment

Waiting area

We'll see you in outpatients at your local hospital.

Your surgeon may suggest you're suitable for surgery at the elective orthopaedic centre.


Half full blood test tube

You'll have blood tests at your local hospital.

Information pack


You’ll receive an information pack about the centre and your care.

Pre-operative assessment

Online questionnaire

We'll ask you to do your pre-operative assessment online. The questionnaire helps us check if you’re ready for surgery. Read about your Pre-operative assessment, medicine review, and feedback[docx] 207KB

Online pre-assessment appointment

Online appointment shown on a computer screen

Our pre-operative nursing team will speak to your about your tests, online assessment, and results.

Joint school

Knee joint

Joint school will help you get ready for surgery. We'll ask you to watch some videos about your procedure, fill in a questionnaire about your health and home, and talk to an occupational therapist.

Your surgery date

Calendar, clock, and appointment letter

When we think you're ready for surgery, we'll book you into the elective orthopaedic centre at Central Middlesex Hospital.

Your surgery

Hospital with trees outside

We'll see you at Central Middlesex Hospital on the day of your surgery. Your consultant from your local hospital will see you before your surgery, and you'll meet other members of our team. Read Getting ready for your surgery[docx] 206KB.

Getting ready to go home

Exit doors

You'll work with our therapies and nursing teams to get up and moving, we'll make sure you've got everything you need before you go home, and a pharmacist will check your medicines.

Going home


We'll discharge you home when you're medically fit to leave. Read Getting ready for discharge and going home[docx] 205KB.