Visiting restrictions

We've closed our hospitals to general visitors to keep our staff and patients safe.

We know some people may need extra help and support during their visit, so we have some exceptions in place for people who need help, support, and extra care while in hospital.


On admission we'll talk about visiting, who can come in, and when. You may need to book an appointment for future visits.

You can accompany someone in hospital if you are:

  • a parent of a child in hospital
  • parents of a baby in the neonatal unit
  • a carer for someone with a disability, learning disability, or dementia
  • the next of kin (or nominated person) of someone who is approaching the end of their life

Maternity, antenatal, and postnatal care

A support person (birthing partner or someone else) can accompany women through their pregnancy, labour, and postnatal care.

Outpatients, accident and emergency, or urgent care

You can accompany someone to A&E, UCC, or to their outpatient appointment if you are:

  • a parent of a baby or child
  • a carer for someone with a disability, learning disability, or dementia

Please keep our staff and patients safe: stay outside if you can.

Help us keep everyone safe

To keep our patients and staff safe, you must:

  • wear appropriate PPE during your time on the ward, which may include gloves, apron or gown, and face mask
  • wear a face covering from when you first enter the hospital to when you leave
  • take the shortest route to the ward: we’ll tell you the best way to get to there when we arrange the visit

We will not let you onto our wards if:

  • you do not have an arranged visiting time
  • you’re showing symptoms or signs of COVID-19
  • or have underlying health conditions that increase your vulnerability to infection.

Other ways to keep in touch

If you both have access to the ways you’d usually use to keep in touch, like a phone or tablet, keep going. It’s always nice to see a friendly face.

We can also arrange for your friend or relative to call you – all they need to do is ask a member of the ward team.

Otherwise, here are some ways we can keep you chatting:

Arrange an online visit

Call the ward your friend or relative is staying on to arrange your online visit. You can use any computer or device with a microphone and webcam.

Once you’ve booked a date and time, you’ll receive two text messages:

  1. A reminder of when your online visit will start
  2. A link to start your visit just before the scheduled start time

When you’re ready, click the link and we'll connect you to your friend or relative for a chat. You can even share the link with other people so they can join the virtual visit.

Unfortunately we’re limiting the time you can spend on call so we can make sure all our patients can have contact with the people they love.

Send letters to your loved ones

If you can’t stay in touch with personal phone calls and texts, letters to your loved ones can help. You can write to your people in hospital, or fill in our online form.

We’ll personally deliver your message, and if you provide an email address we can send you a response within a couple of days.

Send messages online

Fill in our form and upload an image or short video (no larger than 10mb).

Send a letter to your loved one

Send messages by post

If you can, please use our online form. If you prefer to use snail mail, you’ll need three things: two envelopes and your message:

  1. Insert your message into an envelope addressed to your loved one with their name, date of birth, and the ward they’re staying (you can write your email address to this envelope for a reply)
  2. Insert this envelope into another envelope addressed to Letters to your loved one with the right hospital address (addresses below)

Do not write any identifiable information on the top envelope, or send money or other valuables. We cannot be held responsible for lost, delayed, or damaged post.

Letters to your loved one
Central Middlesex Hospital
Acton Lane
Park Royal
NW10 7NS

Letters to your loved one
Ealing Hospital
Uxbridge Road

Letters to your loved one
Northwick Park and St. Mark's Hospitals
Watford Road

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