Text us to confirm, reschedule or cancel your appointment

You can now reply to our text reminders to confirm, reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Just follow the instructions in your text reminder so that we know if you’re able to attend.

When you’re replying to us, please remember to include the short code provided in your reminder message. This means that we can tell which appointment you are confirming, rescheduling or rebooking.

It is important you let us know as soon as possible if you are not able to attend so that we can make sure the appointment slot can be given to someone else.

Don’t forget – if you cancel an appointment rather than rebooking it, you may be discharged from the service.

At the moment, we can’t include the details of your appointment in your text reminder for data security reasons. Please check your original, hard copy appointment letter for more details about what your appointment is for and where it will take place.

However, from autumn 2019, you will be able to receive your whole appointment letter by text message. You can read more about how this will work further down this page.

Checking and updating your contact details

It’s important that we have your up-to-date contact details, so we know that you are receiving your appointment letters.

You can check that we have the right phone number, email address, and home address for you by using the self-check in kiosks when you visit our outpatient departments.

Or you can call us to update your details on 0208 235 4200.

Your online appointment letter

We want to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to receive your appointment letters.

So from autumn 2019, you will be able to receive LNWH appointment letters by text message.

This will mean that you’ll receive your letter more quickly and reliably. You also won’t need to worry about losing it – it’ll be there in your online portal whenever you need it.

You’ll be able to:

  • print your letter
  • save it to your computer
  • email it to anyone who might need to know about your appointment (such as a partner or friend)
  • or just leave it on the online portal and check it when you need to see it.

And if for any reason you don’t access your letter online within 24 hours, we’ll also send you a copy in the post, just in case.

Some of our services will not provide online appointment letters straight away. For these services, you will continue to receive letters in the post until they are able to introduce online appointment letters. This is likely to happen towards the end of the year.

Receiving your online letter

From summer 2019, you will be able to receive appointment letters we send you by text message.

When we receive a referral for you from your GP, we will send you a text message to confirm that we are finding an appointment for you.

Once your appointment has been booked, you can receive a text message, letting you know when and where your appointment will take place. This message will include a web link, which you can tap to read your appointment letter online.

One advantage of receiving your appointment letter online is that you will be able to translate it into more than 90 languages. Our online letters will also be more accessible for you if you are visually impaired.

Along with your appointment letter, you will also be able to access other useful information online. This might include:

  • what to bring to your appointment
  • any instructions that you might need to follow before you attend your appointment
  • additional information about a service or procedure
  • a map and some directions for finding us.

Once you have read your appointment letter, you can confirm, reschedule or cancel your appointment with us by using the online buttons.

You can also add the appointment to your electronic diary, if you have one.

Your online letter is yours to manage as you wish. You can:

  • print the letter
  • email it to yourself or someone else (for example, if you need to share it with your employer for any reason, or if you are being accompanied to your appointment by a friend or family member)
  • save it to your computer
  • simply leave the letter online and access it via your text message link whenever you need it.

If for any reason you don’t access your online appointment letter within 48 hours of us sending it to you, we will send you a copy in the post, just in case.

Unsubscribing, or receiving letters in the post

If you don’t use a smartphone, or would prefer not to receive online appointment letters, you can let us know by texting STOP to one of your appointment notifications.

We will make sure that you continue to receive letters in the post.

Why we collect your information

We collect and record information about you so we can give you the right care and treatment. It’s important we:

  • have enough information to help you make the right decision about your care
  • are able to learn from your experience, and improve care for everyone
  • are able to investigate your complaints or concerns.

We ask for your contact information so we can:

  • let you know when your next appointment is by writing to you, sending you an SMS text message, or calling you
  • send you SMS text messages to remind you that your next appointment is soon

You can opt-out of receiving SMS text notifications at any time by texting STOP to one of your appointment notifications. We will make sure that you continue to receive letters in the post.

We will also collect information from you that is not related to your care when you sign up for something on our website or in person. For more information, read Why we collect information through our website.

You can access your information if you:

  • see a different healthcare professional
  • move to another area or need to use another service

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?