Elective orthopaedic centre online information and care

We use online and digital services to:

  • better communicate with you,
  • reduce the number of times you travel to clinic,
  • make sure we have the right information about you and your health.

Our online services

  • Joint school, our online class, will help you prepare for your surgery and recovery. Find joint school on our website at lnwh.nhs.uk/eoc.
  • We’ll send you a questionnaire about your health and home for your occupational therapy assessment.
  • You can do your pre-operative assessment online with a website called MyPreOp.
  • Your clinic appointments may take place online with a service called DrDoctor.
  • We’ll try to send your online appointment letter first by text message. If you don’t open the link, we’ll send you a letter in the post.
  • You’ll speak to a pharmacist or pharmacy technician on the phone for your medicine review before your surgery.

Translations and large print

Use our Translate button to translate the information into over 300 different languages.

If your preferred language isn’t available, or if you’d like printed, large print, or easy read information, please tell us.

Accessing the internet

If you don’t have access to the internet, or if you have limited access, ask someone you trust to help you get online.

Some internet companies offer discounts for people on universal credit or other government support. Search broadband social tariffs for more information.

Please tell us if you cannot access the internet.