Single point of access (SPA)

Single Point of Access coordinates care for patients who can be seen in ambulatory care or referred to the acute medical take to be seen in ED.

Calls are taken by our experienced advanced nurse practitioners who’ll triage patients to the most appropriate service.

Contact us

We’re open 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

Call SPA on 0208 869 3749

Out of hours, refer to services in the normal way.

Who we can help

We can help co-ordinate emergency or urgent care for people who are suitable for:

  • ambulatory care pathways
  • acute medical take list

Expanding our services

We’re expanding our service over winter. For the next three months, we’ll also see:

  • hyperemesis patients
  • general surgery patients
  • Ealing acute medical take patients

Referrals for surgical specialities (for example urology, ENT, head and neck, or orthopaedics) should continue through the established route.

Our advanced nurse practitioners

Our advanced nurse practitioners are highly experienced at triaging patients.

They also work with specialty teams to redirected your call if urgent medical advice is needed.

They may recommend patients are:

  • seen in our same day emergency care service (SDEC) or surgical assessment unit (SAU)
  • admitted to hospital
  • seen by another service, a different specialty, an outpatient clinic, or another admission avoidance service.
  • referred to most the appropriate medical team for further advice.