Get the right care for you

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 such as a high temperature, a dry cough, shortness of breath, and loss of taste or smell, stay indoors.

Otherwise, the NHS is still here to help.

Get the right care for you


The truth about the COVID vaccine

It's important we make the right decisions about our health, based on fact and evidence.

Which is why some of our doctors have recorded some short messages to spread the facts about the jab, not the fiction you heard off WhatsApp.

Think before you share - but you can share these videos, no worries.


Cancer patient praises service
Cancer patient praises hospital's ‘five star service’

‘Phenomenal,’ ‘I’ve never heard that before,’ and ‘wow!’ are not words you would normally associate with radio presenter Nick Ferrari and the NHS after a canc…

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Charity runner joe Derrett
Joe's marathon effort for Meadow House

A shared love of running seemed a fitting way for Joe Derrett to pay tribute to his late friend Paul Woodgate who passed away from cancer at Meadow House Hospice in Ealing.  …

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Boy has charity haircut
Hair today, gone tomorrow

A toddler is shaving his head to raise money for the hospital unit that helped saved his life.…

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Our emergency departments are currently very busy

If you have an urgent but non-life threatening illness or injury, or you're unsure about where to get help, visit

999 and our A&Es are for serious, life threatening emergencies.