Our electronic patient record

From Monday 21 August, we’ll use an electronic patient record to note and update your healthcare information.

Our new system is tried, tested and very secure. It’s already used by NHS trusts across the country. And it’ll help us improve the way we care for you.

You don’t have to do anything differently. Our teams will transfer the health records we already hold for you into our new electronic patient record.

Why we're introducing a new electronic patient record

Electronic patient records are considered best practice in healthcare across the world.

All your health information will be in one place. Our clinical teams will always have access to your record when they need it, giving them the right information to offer you the best care as rapidly as possible.

And because we’re using the same system as other hospitals across north west London, we’ll be able to share information swiftly and easily with our neighbours at Hillingdon, Chelsea and Westminster and Imperial if you need their services too.

Please bear with us while we adjust

From Friday 18 August until Monday 21 August, our teams will work on paper records while we transfer information into our new system and get it up and running.

After that, our teams will get used to using our new electronic patient record over the next couple of weeks as they put their training into practice.

If you need our care during this time, we’ll still be here for you as usual. But please be patient while we adjust to our new, improved records.

After we introduce our electronic patient record, you might see members of your clinical team doing more work on computers, phones or other electronic devices than before. This will be part of their work checking your record so they can look after you to the highest possible standards.

If you have concerns or need additional help with your care at any time, please talk to our patient advice and liaison team, or PALS, who will be happy to help.

Thank you for all your support as we improve our records. We’re proud to be part of your community.