Single sex accommodation

We are compliant with the government’s requirement to eliminate mixed-sex accommodation.

If you stay overnight with us, you will either:

  • share a single-sex ward, where the whole ward is occupied by either men or women only
  • share a mixed-sex ward, where men and women are in separate bays or rooms
  • stay in a single room

Except when it is clinically necessary, for example:

  • if you need specialist care and equipment in our intensive care, coronary care, and high dependency units, or A&E
  • to reflect your personal choice – for example, in the case of an elderly couple who have been admitted together

Bathroom and washing facilities

If you stay on a mixed-sex ward, your bathroom and washing facilities will be:

  • shared with people of the same gender as you
  • close to your bay so you won’t need to walk through areas occupied by other sexes

Communal spaces and public areas

It’s likely that you’ll see other people of the opposite sex if you move around the hospital, for example, on the way to x-ray. You may also share communal areas, such as day rooms and dining rooms.

Visitors and staff

Remember, the people you’re sharing with will have male and female visitors, including patients visiting each other. It’s highly likely that both male and female staff will come into your bay – including care staff, porters, and volunteers.

Same sex accommodation

We aim to accommodate all patients in same sex accommodation where possible. We will aim to assign accommodation based on gender identity and presentation.