Parking if you have frequent outpatient appointments

You can reclaim your parking if you must visit our hospitals for appointments:

  • three or more times within thirty days and
  • this happens every month for three months or longer.

If you’re eligible, you should reclaim your parking every three months.

What you'll need to reclaim your parking costs

To reclaim your parking, you will need:

How make a claim

  1. Bring your parking reclaim form to each of your appointments
  2. Pay your parking for each of your appointments when you arrive
  3. Record each of your appointments on the parking reimbursement form, along with the registration number of the car you used to get there
  4. Attach any receipts that you have from your visits over the period. If you don’t have all your parking receipts, please don’t worry but simply note this on the form
  5. When you’ve reached the three-month period, hand the form in to the hospital main reception on the ground floor.

If you can’t complete the form at the hospital, you can take it home with you and email a scanned copy to our cashiers team later.

Once you have submitted your completed claim form, LNWH will:

  • check your hospital appointment details against our records
  • refund you using the bank account details you supplied in section 2.

Extending a previous claim

You can extend a previous claim if you need to.

Simply tell us on our parking reclaim form if you:

  • have already submitted a claim for three months’ worth of visits and
  • need to submit an additional form for an extra three or more visits that took place over the next thirty days.

Making a claim as a passenger

If you travelled as a passenger, you can still make a claim to have your parking reimbursed if you meet the criteria.

Only one person per vehicle can make a claim.

Follow our instructions to complete the claim form as usual, including:

  • the vehicle registration number of the vehicle you travelled in for each appointment
  • the date of your appointments.

Then submit it as you would usually do.