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Quality account

The impact of the pandemic on the NHS will be long lasting and will require a fundamental shift in how we provide care. This includes the way in which our leaders support our people and teams, and the cultural framework in which we all work.

Our recently published Way Forward Delivery Programme sets out our clear objectives during the next 18 months, and we have also updated our goals and objectives to reflect what we want to achieve.

We are committed to providing safe, high quality care to our communities. As we look to the future our focus will be on delivering quality improvement and a patient centred transformation of services.

Quality priorities for 2021/22

Three quality priorities have been identified for 2021/22

Priority 1: safe care

Improving and sustaining the safety of our patients and staff with enhanced focus on infection prevention and control.

Priority 2: caring

Improving staff wellbeing through a program of focused support.

Priority 3: responsive

Improving staff experience for members of our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community with positive action initiatives focused on professional development, career progression and learning from experience.

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