Quality account

Quality priorities for next year

Priority 1: Safe care of the deteriorating patient 

During next year we intend to improve incidents of recognising deteriorating patients by 10%.

  1. Evidence consistency in practice relating to NEWS scoring via quarterly and monthly audit process.
  2. Evidence improved escalation process, increasing medical emergency calls with a decrease in the number of cardiac arrests during the period. 
  3. Evidence improvement of 4% on attendance at mandatory training sessions for basic life support. 

Priority 2: improving patient experience in cancer care (safe and effective)

We aim to further improve our responsiveness to cancer-care by:

  1. Improving access to cancer care
  2. Improving patient care evidencing appropriate pain management,
  3. Launching a program of quarterly education opportunities to make improvements to the early recognition of end of life care being required. 

Priority 3: improving the care and experience of patients living with sickle cell disease (safe, effective and responsive care)

Over the course of 2022/23 we intend to:

  1. Support patients with pain relief in line with NICE guidelines.
  2. Ensure sickle cell patients are admitted to the most appropriate speciality ward for their acute admission
  3. Train a minimum of 90% of all clinical colleagues working in haematology wards on the care of patients in sickle cell crisis.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?