Changes to your online appointment letters

The way we send online appointment letters is changing.

We’re moving to a new online letter service called DrDoctor. DrDoctor is the same system we use for video appointments.

And soon, you will be able to view your letters in the NHS app too.

Keep your details up to date

Please tell us if you have recently:

  • moved home or changed your address
  • changed your telephone number or email address.

You can check and update your contact details on our self-check in kiosks.

Or, call us to update your details on 0208 235 4200.

Your letters

From 30 May, you will receive your appointment letter by:

The link to your letter will start with

Radiology letters will be sent by our current system, Envoy, until 30 June.

Read your appointment letters online

Read your letters from almost any computer, smart phone, or tablet:

  1. click or tap the link in your email or text message
  2. click or tap view letter
  3. sign in with your last name, date of birth, and postcode
  4. we may ask for a security code sent to your mobile phone
  5. follow the on-screen instructions to read or download your letters.

DrDoctor saves your letters for the future.

When you have read your letter, you can save it to your computer or phone. You can also add your appointment to your online calendar.

Visit DrDoctor’s help page if something isn't working for you.

Paper letters

We will send your appointment by post if you don’t open your online letter within three days.

If you have told us you would like to get your letters by post in the past, you will need to tell us again.

To get your appointment letters by post:

  • reply to your text notification with print
  • visit the settings page in DrDoctor to turn off the paperless option
  • call us to opt-out of online letters on 020 8235 4200 
  • tell us at your next appointment.

Any text messages you send us will cost your standard rate.

Download your old letters

Your current appointment letters will not move to DrDoctor. 

If your appointment is after 1 June, you will receive a new appointment letter from DrDoctor.

You can still read your old letters on the current system until 30 June 2024. Download your letters if you would like to keep a copy.

Your privacy and DrDoctor

Visit DrDoctor's privacy statement for information about:

  • how DrDoctor uses and stores your data
  • where DrDoctor stores your data
  • how the DrDoctor website uses cookies.