Female genital mutilation (FGM) services at the Brent Hibiscus Clinic

The national FGM support clinics provide information and support for women with FGM. To use the service, you must be 18 years and older and not pregnant at the time of seeking help.

We can refer you to other services if you are pregnant.


  • 020 8869 5046
  • 07776 673 996
  • 07796 705 859

Service hours: Every other Tuesday from 9am to 5pm
Ages seen: 18 years and above
Location: SMS GP Practice, 1st Floor, Wembley Centre for Health, 116 Chaplin Road, Wembley HA0 4UZ
Division: Women's and children's services
General manager: Bilkis Oladokun

How the FGM clinic can help

We care for women who have undergone FGM, and offer support for both the physical and psychological aspects of the practice:

  • de-infibulation
  • physical health assessment
  • holistic and woman-centred safeguarding risk assessment to establish whether any children known to the woman are at risk or have had FGM
  • advice about effect on future pregnancies and deliveries
  • therapeutic specialist FGM counselling

We can also provide direct onward referrals to specialists FGM gynaecologist services for complex cases.

Useful information about female genital information

Referring to the FGM clinic

We accept referrals from GPs and other healthcare professionals. You can also refer yourself to our service.