Emergency Nurses

Emergency Nurses

Our Northwick Park Hospital A&E team star in the new ITV 2 documentary, Emergency Nurses. Sundays at 8pm.

Meet our team and find your new nursing career.

Find out what it’s like to work in the UK’s busiest A&E

Join our stars, Dom, Ellie, RJ, Lou, Tamzin, Jazmin and the rest, navigate their way through the hustle and bustle of a busy London accident and emergency department while balancing their careers with their personal lives.

Come for the drama, stay for the people

You ‘ve seen us on the telly, now ask yourself: is your nursing job this rewarding? It can be.

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Our emergency nurses might be the stars of this show, but at LNWH all our services shine.

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Meet some of our stars


A nurse

Having come to Northwick A&E numerous times as child with tonsilitis she found it was the nurses that always intrigued her as they performed such varied roles and had most patient contact. Inspired by how caring they were Jazmin decided to pursue a career in nursing rather than medicine so she could enjoy and maintain this patient contact. 


A nurse

Having worked through the trials of Covid, RJ himself was admitted to his own hospital's Intensive Care Unit after contracting the virus. But his indomitable spirit means he’s back in the department and making people laugh as much as ever. His untameable desire to make the most of everything means we’ll see him take on new challenge – his newly appointed Band 7 nursing role. But how does this social animal feel about leaving the hustle and bustle of A+E for two days a week?


A nurse

Dom has formed close bonds with the rest of his A&E family including bff HCA Tamzin and his nurse mentor Lou. Away from the hospital he has a close knit group of friends and copes with the stresses of such an intense job by playing in the local football league. Dom is passionate about nursing and feels strongly about dispelling any stereotypes around male nurses and hopes to inspire more men into what he believes is an exciting and rewarding profession.


A nurse

Ellie loves emergency nursing and enjoys the adrenaline rush that comes from the fast paced environment. Whilst she admits it may not be for everyone, for Ellie it’s her passion and loves the close ties with other nurses and staff members that comes with such a highly charged job. Being part of such a close-knit work family means that many familiar faces will be present at her forthcoming wedding...which we’re all invited to!