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Your mental wellbeing

Everyone experiences pregnancy and labour very differently, and not every mum will find pregnancy a wonderful experience.

Up to one in five women will experience some kind of mental health concern during their pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy can cause uncomfortable feelings, and it can change your body in ways that you may struggle with.

These worries are perfectly normal as long as they don’t consume your every waking thought.

How are you doing?

You may find your anxiety or mental health concerns lessen over time. Or they might get worse in the later stage of pregnancy.

Anxieties or mental health concerns may never settle if you find it difficult to express your thoughts and explain your feelings.

If you have pre-existing mental health concerns your symptoms may increase during pregnancy and you may need help from a specialist team.

We know your mental health can change at any point, so we’ll always ask how you’re doing when we see you.

Signs to look out for

No matter how small you think your concern or worry is, please do talk to us about it.

These are some of the things for you, your family, or birth partner, to look out for:

  • recent major changes in your mental state
  • new thoughts or acts of self-harm
  • new or on going thoughts of being a useless mother
  • a change in feelings of affection for your baby

Specialist help

If you feel any of these symptoms, please talk to your midwife. It might also help to speak to someone you trust.

If needed, your midwife can involve our specialist mental health midwifery team. They can work with your midwife or completely take over your care.

We also work with the community perinatal mental health team who can provide more specialised input and care.

Please remember that we’re not just here for you and your baby’s physical health. We’re also here for your mental health and wellbeing, too.

No worry is ever too small. If your thoughts or mental health and wellbeing worry you, or those around, you please talk to your midwife.

We’re here to help.