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Youngsters have a go on the robotic simulator

Youngsters get to grips with hospital robot

Two children concerned about their father’s operation found themselves getting to grips with the technology that helped saved his life.

Danilo Miskovic, a consultant at St Mark’s Hospital, invited brothers Arjun, 9, and Sachi, 6, in for a chat and the opportunity to see the robot used during the 12 hour procedure.

The colorectal surgeon, who has carried out more than 250 robotic procedures, said: “It was a pleasure chatting with them and they thought it was really cool when I suggested we have a look at the robot itself.”

The youngsters even got the chance have a go on one of the robot’s training programmes where they practiced surgical sutures using training simulation software.

St Mark’s is one of the leading hospitals in the capital using robotics to treat bowel cancer.

One of the biggest misconceptions about robotic surgery is that patients might be left solely in the hands of a machine, which is enough to unsettle anyone with an overactive imagination.

In reality, a surgeon operates the four armed surgical cart from a nearby console along with a supporting theatre team.”

The team is aided by a camera which not only magnifies the area of interest up to 12 times that of normal vision but also provides a unique 3-D view of the body allowing a surgeon to easily identify vital anatomy, such as delicate nerves and blood vessels.

The instrumentation eliminates even the smallest of hand tremors and has the dexterity to perform complex surgical moves after the body is entered through a series of small ‘operating ports’ or incisions.

Surgeons from other parts of the UK and Europe regularly visit St. Mark’s, supporting its ambition to become one of the leading training organisations in the NHS.



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