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A group of occupational therapists at Northwick Park showing the diversity of staff working at the hospital.

Global search for therapists

The trust is looking overseas for junior occupational therapists (OTs) to fill job vacancies in its hospitals.

A national shortage of OTs will see a delegation head to south India next week to try and recruit qualified staff to join the team.

OTs are on the Government’s Shortage Occupation List and fulfil a crucial but often overlooked role of helping reduce patients’ length of stay in hospital.

Pavitra Naidooa Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist, said: “Most people assume OTs simply arrange care packages and order equipment but our key role is to help patients regain a level of independence after injury or illness.

"However if this cannot be achieved, we find solutions to help them get home with the right level of support and care.

"Reducing length of stay is crucial to maintaining flow through the hospital and we need a strong OT presence to maintain that.”

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