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An independent survey has shown improved patient care across the hospital trust

Survey highlights improvement in hospital care

A survey commissioned by the Care Quality Commission has highlighted a marked improvement in how patients say they are treated by the hospital trust.

The annual independent survey by Picker approached 1,181 patients asking them their experience in hospital.

The trust was ranked the second most improved trust since the previous year’s scores with patients rating their overall care 8.3 out of 10.

Its top five scores compared to the Picker average were:

  • Carers and families being involved in discussions about when a patient left hospital
  • Getting enough sleep at night
  • Being asked about quality of care while in hospital
  • Explanation of ward changes
  • Patient conditions taken into account during admission.

It's five most improved scores were:

  • Patients not being troubled by the time it took to be admitted
  • Not being prevented from sleeping at night
  • Clear explanations about procedures
  • Staff not contradicting one another
  • Being kept informed about patient discharges.

Overall, 98% of respondents described being treated with respect and dignity.

Thirty-six per cent of applicants completed the annual survey which ranks the trust 37th out of the 70 participating organisations. It was ranked 62nd the previous year.

Areas that the trust need to improve upon included ensuring patients had enough water at their bedsides, having an out-of-hospital contact if their condition deteriorates, and being given adequate information about medicine when they are discharged.

Patients who have at least one overnight stay in November will be invited to complete the 2023 inpatient survey early next year.





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