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Orthopaedic surgeon Aroon Baskaradas has written a book on leadership after taking a break from the NHS to complete an MBA.

Surgeon’s lessons on leadership

Orthopaedic surgeon Aroon Baskaradas’s love of education and learning took him away from the NHS for several years but he returned with a better understanding of the value that everyone contributes to the NHS.

“We all like to think how important our role is and it is fair to say as doctors, our thinking is a bit one dimensional with the belief that high quality clinical care and patients are the only things that matter in a hospital.

“There is a small army of non-clinical staff supporting medical teams and hospitals simply couldn’t run without these colleagues whether that is cleaner, a cook or an electrician.”

A three-year break during which time Aroon completed a Masters in Education, a Masters in Business Administration and a stint working with a management consultancy opened his eyes to the power of inclusivity and teamwork.

He has set down his ideas in two books, the second of which, "The Mini-MBA Guide to Healthcare Leadership in a Post-COVID World” has just been on Amazon.

“I’ve never seen myself as a writer but it is something I feel passionate about and wanted to share my thoughts and learning with those who will benefit. The most effective workforce is a harmonious one and that is something we should all strive towards.”







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