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Pike, a pets as therapy dog meeting staff at Northwick Park Hospital

Pike back on the prowl

Our old friend Pike returned to prowl the corridors of Northwick Park Hospital this week.

Pike earned his dog biscuits working as a Pets as Therapy dog but is enjoying retirement nowadays with owner and hospital consultant Richard Nicholl.

The elderly labradoodle dropped in again to see staff and patients and drew a crowd of admirers when he made a pitstop in the main corridor.

Dr Nicholl said: “He remembers the hospital so enjoyed coming back for a visit. He’s quite the attraction and the patients really enjoy interacting with.”

One thing passers-by did have to be careful about was food.

Richard added: “He’s got a legendary appetite. I have to watch him in work because he will think someone has left a Tapas out for his convenience.

“He’s very clever and will pretend to be asleep and, when your back is turned, the food will be gone.”

It was a hard-earned lesson for the Nicol family when a younger Pike wolfed down a whole salmon on Christmas Day.

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