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Nurse handing over a care pack to a patient

Girl power to the rescue!

The last thing you would ask yourself if rushed to hospital in an emergency is 'did i pack my toothbrush and some casual wear?'

This was highlighted during the pandemic when hundreds of seriously ill people arrived at hospital with no toiletries.

Public support for hospital staff was overwhelming with hundreds of donations flooding in but what about the patients?

The 9th Ruislip Brownies and 2nd Ruislip Guides swung into action after hearing of their plight.

The youngsters switched their efforts from cake baking to putting together toiletry packs containing personal messages and much needed items like soap, shampoo and deodorant and razors.

The local community and businesses helped with donations and fundraising and have produced more than 1000 packs so far.

Karen Keogh, who works at Northwick Park Hospital and helped put together and distribute the packs, said: "The response has been fantastic and patients' faces have just lit up when they got a free pack.

"We've even had nurses putting their hand in their own pocket to pay for some of the stuff prior to the donations or giving their care packs donated which has been amazing. I’d also like to say a special thanks to  Katherine Miles for her organisational skills.

"A lot of these patients arrived with nothing and visiting restrictions meant their loved ones couldn't get anything to them. The little things do count.

"Our goal is to try and keep this going with the public's generosity and look into provision of clothing as some patients end up going home in their hospital gowns."

Please contact or patient care packs on Facebook to find details on how to donate.



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