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Love your Liver road show is coming to Harrow Town centre

Free liver check-up in Harrow Town Centre

How healthy is your liver? Come and get a free check up at the Love your Liver roadshow in Harrow Town Centre between 10am-4pm on Monday 25 March.

More than 8,000 people are admitted to hospital with liver disease every year in London. Liver damage is caused by a variety of factors ranging from inherited conditions and viral infections to obesity and alcohol.

The roadshow offers a free screening test which takes a couple of minutes and can quickly spot any potential problems.

Dr Laith Al-Rubaiy, a liver specialist from London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “There are no outward signs of liver disease during the early stages so screening is useful in helping nip any problems in the bud.”

Vanessa Hebditch, Director of Policy and Communications at the British Liver Trust, added: “We urge people to come along and take advantage of this opportunity to have a free liver scan and get advice on lowering their liver disease risk in a friendly, informal setting.

“There are also lots of myths around liver damage, such as people believing you need to be an ‘alcoholic’ to develop liver disease.

“In reality, one-in-five Londoners are currently drinking at a level that puts their liver at risk and many people don’t realise being overweight is also a big risk factor.”

The roadshow’s mobile truck will be parked in Station Road in the Harrow Town Centre. No appointment is necessary.

The trust provides support and information for anyone with a liver condition. For information or to take the online ‘Love Your Liver’ health screener, visit

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