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Emergency Nurses TV show

Emergency Nurses is here!

One of the country’s busiest A&E departments is the focus of a major TV series starting this weekend.

Emergency Nurses follows the working lives of a group of millennials working in Northwick Park Hospital.

A film crew spent several months embedded in the department, seeing the important role played by young nurses and healthcare assistants in the NHS.

It is the first time the Trust has featured in a TV series and has been welcomed by staff.

Chief Executive Pippa Nightingale said: “We often see senior NHS figures appearing on TV and it’s quite right to highlight the work of our younger colleagues.

“They have made an extraordinary contribution during the past two years and it’s important for the public to see the pressures they face every day.

“The NHS is in safe hands with people like them, and I’m proud that their work is being shared with a wider audience.”

Emergency Nurses starts this Sunday at 8pm on ITV2.

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