Podiatry (foot health) in Brent

  • Our podiatry or foot health team in Brent treat a number of conditions, from in-growing toenails to foot ulcers.

  • Telephone number: 0208 438 7100
  • Location: Willesden Centre for Health and Care, Brent
  • Division: Integrated clinical services

About the service

Our podiatry team treat a number of conditions, from in-growing toenails to foot ulcers.

We look after people of all ages, but we do have to make assessments on who to see depending on your clinical needs.

Our podiatrists are trained to provide education about foot health, as well as offering treatment and advice on conditions affecting your feet and lower limbs.

We provide home visits for people who have conditions which prevent them from leaving the house.

Conditions we care for

General assessment and treatment

Once you've been referred to us, we will assess you. This gives us the information that we need to plan your care. Our podiatrists will examine your foot and ask you about your medical history.

We base our care plans on your clinical need, and offer you a care package which is individual to you. If you have another health condition, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or vascular disease, we consider this when we assess what you need.

If we assess you and don't find that you have foot problems that need our help or any other conidtions which might put you at risk, we will provide you with some advice about looking after your feet and discharge you to your GP.

General foot problems

We can treat you for general foot problems, such as corns, or callous nails. During your appointment, we will offer you help and advice to reduce risk of you having foot health problems in the future as much as possible.

In-growing toenails

We provide:

  • corrective nail surgery under local anaesthetic
  • assessment and diagnosis for a range of skin and nail conditinos, including tinea pedis and hyperkeratosis
  • treatment using mechanical debridement (this means using a scalpel to remove corns and callous)
  • treatment using chemical therapies (these are medicaments used specifically to relieve pain and irritation).

Back pain and foot care

Podiatry care doesn't stop at the ankle! Walking with flat feet can lead to long-term problems such as pain in your hips and knees, strains on your ankles, and even back and neck pain. We can assess you and provide effective treatments to improve your foot function and gait, including joint manipulation, strapping, and exercise regimes.

Foot ulcers and wounds 

If you have a foot ulcer, we will treat you until it has healed. If you have a complex, non-healing ulcer linked to diabetes, we may refer you to a specialist podiatrist at our hospital site, who works closely with other professionals in our diabetes team. If you have a chronic foot ulcer which needs long-term, regular dressings, we will care for you jointly with your local district nurses and your GP.  

Diabetes and foot care 

If you have diabetes, you are more likely to develop foot ulcers, as diabetes can affect your foot health. We will make a special assessment and provide you with advice and treatment to can prevent more serious problems from developing. Regular care from a podiatrist plays a critical role helping someone with diabetes manage their foot care.

If you have diabetes but have not previously been assessed as having foot health risk factors, your GP will review your foot health every year. Our team can only perform a diabetic foot review if you have complications which have already been identified by your GP. 

Vascular disease and foot care

If you have a vascular disease, you may need some particular foot care. We will assess you and provide care according

Neurological conditions

If you have a neurological condition, or are recovering from a stroke, it is very likely that you will need some care from a podiatrist. We offer a range of treatments, including exercise programmes, strapping techniques, orthotics and footwear advice.


If you have arthritis or another rheumatology condition, you are particularly at risk of developing problems with your feet, including deformities, foot ulcers and infections. Once we have assessed you, we will offer you specialised care to keep your feet as healthy as possible.

Orthotics and insoles

If you have problems linked to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back and gait, we may be able to help by using orthotics (known as insoles). We give expert footwear advice to  help keep you comfortable if you have painful or malformed feet. We also prescribe appropriate insoles or orthotics. 

Care for older people

If you are elderly, it's particularly important to look after your feet. This helps to keep you mobile and independent. We provide a range of clinical services for older people, and also offer education and practical training to you and your carer to help you look after your feet.  

Falls prevention 

We work closely with you and with our falls prevention team to help reduce your risk of falls if you are elderly. We offer continuing support, and can provide advice on good footwear which will help to keep you stable.

Caring for children

Educating children about foot and treating them early if they have walking difficulties is important to prevent them from developing problems in later life.

We assess and treat children for a range of conditions, including providing services for infections and painful conditions, such as in-growing toenails. 

Conditions we can't care for

Unfortunately, we can't care for you if you:

  • don't have a foot health problem (or a medical condition which puts you at risk of foot health problems) requiring continued care
  • have non-pathological or normal nails
  • can undertake your own basic foot and nail care, or have carers or relatives who can help you
  • have minor calluses and do not experience symptoms from them
  • have problems that are caused or aggravated by inappropriate footwear
  • have a verruca
  • have a minor fungal nail infection.

Where we provide your care

We provide your care in community clinics across Brent:

  • Willesden Centre for Health and Care 
  • Wembley Centre for Health and Care 
  • Chalkhill Primary Care Centre 
  • Hillside Primary Care Centre 
  • Kilburn Square Clinic 
  • Central Middlesex Hospital


We accept referrals from:

  • GPs
  • district nurses
  • social workers
  • other allied health professionals
  • health visitors.

We assess all patients who are referred to us before treating them.

 Please note that podiatry is not generally an urgent service. However, wherever possible we will try to prioritise referrals that are marked urgent.

Send your referral:

  • by post, to the Podiatry Office, Willesden Centre for Health and Care, Robson Avenue, London, NW10 3RY.
  • by fax, on 0208 438 7101.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?