How clinical trials can help you

How clinical trials can help you

See our new video outlining the benefits of clinical trials for patients and find out how you can get involved in a clinical trial.

Our interviews with patients highlight the importance of the Trust's clinical trials in treating medical conditions and improving care.

How clinical trials can help you - video

Our mission statement

Our mission is to promote world class research within London North West Healthcare NHS Trust that addresses the health and well-being of its local population and beyond. We will endeavour to provide an advanced level of healthcare that is based upon sound collaborations and the latest scientific developments for the benefit of the community.

The department of research and development (R&D) plays a central and strategic role in research across North London. At the centre of this has been fostering a culture in which research and innovation are encouraged and embedded in routine clinical practice. The researchers and clinicians are encouraged to lead and sustain improvement in the quality of patient care through research findings.

In 2006, the Department of Health introduced the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to improve clinical research in the U.K. The introduction of this new national strategy instigated the purpose of our initiative, which was to ensure a sustainable 'world class environment' on-site for investigators to undertake high quality clinical research, in line with clinical services. This has enabled us to improve the research culture within the Trust by creating world class support for our investigators.

The R&D department is a 'one-stop-shop' facility to help ‘new and experienced researchers’ with their research endeavours. It is with this guidance, support and infrastructure that innovative ideas, novel therapies and evidence-based redesign of services now occur, improving patient care and experience as the result of the step-change in research culture at our Trust.

Qualified persons personalised programme
London North West Healthcare NHS Trust in collaboration with University College London School of Pharmacy now run an internationally recognised Qualified Persons Personalised Programme.