Other referral pathways

Some of our services and clinics accept referrals from non-GP referrers, teaching professionals, or parents or guardians. Some services accept paper referrals for clinically urgent cases only.

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Adult speech and language therapy referrals

Outpatient referrals

We accept outpatient referrals from GPs and consultants.

Please note that the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) will only accept outpatient referrals from RNOH consultants.

To refer for one of our specialist services, please contact the speech and language therapy team at the relevant hospital.

Referring for voice disorders

Please note that we only accept referrals for people with voice disorders who have had an ENT diagnosis. If you are referring someone who has a voice disorder, please document this clearly in the referral and include a copy of the original ENT report where possible.

Other GP referrals will be triaged and may be forwarded to the appropriate community service.

Ealing outpatient and community referrals

Our outpatient and community services in Ealing will accept self-referrals.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?