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An elderly patient enjoys an interactive game projected onto her bed. The brightly coloured moving patterns help stimulate patients.

The Happiness Programme

The Happiness Programme bought bedside entertainment to elderly patients at Ealing Hospital in the form of a mobile interactive light show cast onto their beds.

The light projection games, which include popping bubbles, playing the piano and colouring in pictures, are the brainchild of Social-Ability and designed to improve the wellbeing of people living with dementia and other cognitive conditions.

Alex Lukjaniec, Matron for Older People and Dementia Services, said: “The majority of people coming into hospital are elderly and around a quarter will have dementia. It is important we try and keep these patients stimulated and that can be challenging given how busy nurses are.

“It was lovely to see how some of the patients reacted to the games and it bought a welcome splash of colour to the wards.”

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