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Psychologist Kofi Anie displays the new smart watch which helps monitor Sickle Cell patients condition

AI employed to help fight Sickle Cell Disease

Artificial Intelligence is being employed to help better understand sickle cell disease and how it affects patients’ lives on a day-to-day basis.

Consultant psychologist Kofi Anie is one of more than 50 people taking part in Sanius Health's digital platform for remote monitoring at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust. This combines a smartwatch with a smartphone app which collects and analyses patient data.

Kofi is in the unique position of living with the same condition as the patients he treats at the Trust.

The Trust has several hundred patients on its books who receive treatment for the painful hereditary blood condition which affects how much oxygen the blood cells can carry around the body.

Kofi said: “Sanius Health's platform is the first device that can monitor sickle cell in real time so we can get a far greater understanding of its nature and this, in turn, will help support clinical research and predictive medicine to determine someone’s likelihood of developing pain and complications.”

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