Friends and Family Test

We may ask “overall, how was the experience of our service?”

You will then be provided with the opportunity to say why you gave your answer and if they is anything we could have done better. This new question will officially be in use across the country from December 2020.

The Friends and Family Test is quick and easy, and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Filling in the survey

We'll give you a paper copy of the survey when you leave the ward or department.

You can:

  • fill it in before you leave, and drop it off in the box provided
  • we're launching a new online form soon

Remember, everything you tell us won't affect your future care or treatment. The survey is completely anonymous and won't ask you for your personal details.

About the Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test is a national survey, designed to help us make our care better, and to help other people like you make an informed choice about their care or treatment.

The data we collect is used in various ways:

  • it helps us understand how well our services care for you
  • our local Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS England use the Friends and Family Test to rank us against similar care organisations

Find out more about the Friends and Family Test

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