Our Way Forward

Our Way Forward is an ambitious strategy for 2023 to 2028.

We aim to:

  • maximise the opportunities offered by working more closely with our NHS and social care partners across north west London, through the new integrated care system and acute provider collaborative
  • build on the strengths that helped us through the acute phase of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • shape how we meet the challenges we face now and in the future

Putting quality at our HEART

Objective 1: high-quality care

We will provide high-quality, timely and equitable care in a sustainable way.

Improving quality is the core focus of Our Way Forward. We define quality through six attributes:

  • Safe, effective, and patient-centred are taken from our previous definition
  • Timely, sustainable, and equitable are new.

Objective 2: high-quality employer

We will be a high-quality employer where all our people feel they belong and are empowered to provide excellent services and grow their careers.

  • Our employees are our greatest strength. Without them, nothing in this strategy is possible
  • All our work depends on having enough people who have the right skills and are empowered to apply them effectively

Objective 3: high-quality support services

We will base our care on high-quality, responsive, and seamless non-clinical and administrative services.

  • We are committed to improving the services and tools that support our employees to deliver high-quality care
  • Our supporting services and systems will be highly responsive, proactive, user-centred, and efficient
  • Our employees will make better decisions due to improvements in the availability and integration of data.

Objective 4: high-quality partnerships

We will build high-quality, trusted ways of working with our local people and partners so that together we can improve the health of our communities.

  • Building effective and purposeful working relationships to improve the health of our communities is the right thing to do
  • As an anchor institution and one of the largest local employers, we will share our expertise and create opportunities for our local population
  • These partnerships have the additional benefit of helping us deliver high-quality care by reducing avoidable pressures on our services.