Blood tests at Ealing Hospital

  • How book a blood test at Ealing Hospital

  • Telephone number: 020 8967 5399
  • Service hours: Monday to Friday: 8am to 3.45pm for GP and community patients and 8am to 4.30pm for outpatient clinic patients
  • Location: Phlebotomy unit, outpatients 1, level 2
  • Division: Surgery
  • General manager: Matron Gloria Naves-Garcia
  • Service manager: Sophie Gohil, Phlebotomy lead

About the service

If you have a referral form from your GP or from one of our outpatient clinics, you can get your blood tested in our phlebotomy department.

Please bring your referral form to the phlebotomy department in the outpatients 1 area on level 2.

Book your blood test

Use our online booking system to book your test quickly and easily. It will also send you helpful reminders before your appointment.

Book your appointment online

If you can’t book online, please call our appointments office on 020 8235 4200.

Caring for children

If your child is two years old or younger, we will see them for their blood test in our paediatric unit on level 10.

If your child is between the ages of two and five, they can get their blood test in the community.

If your child is over five years of age, we can see them in the phlebotomy department as usual.


You can be referred to our phlebotomy unit from a GP, from a community clinic, or from one of our outpatient clinics. You must bring your referral form to the department in order to have your blood test.

Special tests

Special tests such as GTT must be booked using our direct phoneline: 020 8967 5399.

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?