Other referral pathways

Some of our services and clinics accept referrals from non-GP referrers, teaching professionals, or parents or guardians. Some services accept paper referrals for clinically urgent cases only.

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Genomics resources for healthcare professionals

The information on this page will assist health professionals in accessing the appropriate genetics resources needed for day-to-day patient care.

Genomic medicine can help improve diagnosis and care of patients and their families, and is relevant for all specialties. It is therefore important clinicians in all specialties to have access to training courses and have strong links with their regional genetics service:

North West Thames Regional Genetics Service

Telephone: 020 8869 2795
Address: Level 8V, St. Mark's Hospital, Watford Road, Harrow HA1 3UJ

Eligibility criteria for genetic testing

The NHS national genomic test directory can be found on the NHS England website This lists the eligibility criteria for all nationally commissioned genetic tests.

Laboratory links and test request forms

Genetic samples from most hospitals in the region are sent to the North Thames Genomic laboratory hub at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where test request forms are also available.

Genetic samples from Lister, Hertford County, Luton and Bedford Hospitals are sent to the Cambridge genomic lab where request forms are available.

Education resources

We appreciate each specialty and department has different needs and we are able to provide tailored education sessions. Please contact us to discuss your needs and make arrangements. 

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Help us improve our website. How useful was this page?