The way forward

As we come out of perhaps one of the worst health crises for a generation, we need to restart our services. We need to do so safely and rebuild them better than normal. All while looking to the future, and maintaining our momentum on the excellent work we’ve already done in such unique circumstances.

Our Way Forward Delivery Programme plan describes how we’re going to do just that. In it, we set clear objectives for the next 18 months.

Dealing with COVID-19 and moving into the future

Firstly, we need to deal with the still-present threat of COVID-19, and the issues it’s highlighted in our communities.

Secondly, we need to rebuild to better than normal. We need to balance the need for high quality care, excellent patient experience, improving access to our services, and providing value of money to you.

To help, we’ve updated our goals and objectives to reflect what we want to achieve over the next few years.

We cannot rebuild to better than normal without a fundamental shift in the way we provide our care. This includes the way our leaders support our people and teams, and the cultural framework in which we all work.

It’s my team’s job to make sure this all happens at pace, and your job to hold us to account for the work we’re doing to improve our care and experience.


Chris Bown
Chief Executive

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