Our vision, goals, and objectives

Our vision

To provide excellent care in the right setting

Our goals

Our goals are ambitious, but they give us all a common purpose in the work we do. No matter the role we have or where we're based, we can all work towards achieving the very best we can.

Within our goals are our objectives: the projects or workstreams we’ve identified that will help us achieve our goals now, and in the future.

We've updated our objectives to better reflect our current environment and circumstances. In particular:

  • our second goal now recognises the need to make transformation part of our organisational culture
  • our third goal places more emphasis on the importance of building partnerships with purpose. 

Provide excellent care quality and patient experience

  1. Minimise excess deaths and maintain services at a near-normal level during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Support the safe delivery of care with robust infection prevention and control measures
  3. Continue the journey to outstanding with a ‘good’ rating in our next CQC assessment
  4. Improve compliance with our statutory duties in referral to treatment, two week wait, and our A&E waiting time performance
  5. Implement our Digital Care Record (DCR)
  6. Run more appointments and clinics online and on the phone
  7. Improve our hospital and community estates, including our critical care areas

Engage with our staff to develop them and transform services

  1. Deliver our financial plan and contribute to the wider north west London financial plan
  2. Work together with our partners to reduce waste and increase efficiency
  3. Reduce inequalities in the workplace and improve our staff’s working lives
  4. Increase the proportion of our staff receiving the annual flu vaccination
  5. Have more than 60% of our staff complete the national staff survey
  6. Create a respectful and inclusive culture through our HEART values and a new behaviour framework
  7. Develop and nurture our current and future leaders and increase BAME staff representation at senior levels across all services 
  8. Learn from new collaborative clinical service reviews with clinical colleagues and patients
  9. Implement a transformation programme that trains and empowers our staff to think and act differently, to improve patient care, staff experience and reduces waste.

Become a sustainable organisation that builds partnerships with purpose

  1. Create a sustainability strategy for use in future developments and supply chain contracts, to make sure our supplies are of a high standard, and arrive promptly and reliably
  2. Help our support and enabling services improve what they offer to the organisation 
  3. Align our strategy and work with North West London Integrated Care System
  4. Work more closely together with The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  5. Create more effective patient pathways across services and across the wider NHS in north west London, including with our local primary care networks 
  6. Improve our working relationships with other acute, community and mental health organisations 
  7. Work with councils, patient groups, residents, third sector and charitable organisations, and politicians to support our local communities
  8. Build confidence in our organisation, improve our relationships with our stakeholders, and improve the way we communicate with our audiences

We will measure our goals and objectives using clear, evidence-based metrics. We will report on our objectives to the Trust Executive Group, and to the Trust Board.

Our HEART values

We put our patients at the HEART of everything we do.


We are open and honest in everything we do.

  • We want you to say: “I feel staff are open and upfront therefore I trust them”
  • We want our staff to say: “I speak up and feel comfortable admitting if I don’t understand something or I’ve made a mistake”


We value all people equally and treat them fairly, whilst recognising their individuality.

  • We want you to say: “I feel that I am seen as a person and treated fairly”
  • We want our staff to say: “I feel that I am listened to and that my views matter”


We will provide excellent care and ensure the safety and wellbeing of all patients.

  • We want you to say: “I feel comfortable that staff will do their best for me”
  • We want our staff to say: “I take pride in the work I do and take responsibility for making a difference everyday”


We treat everybody the way we would like to be treated.

  • We want you to say: “I feel comfortable that staff have regard for my feelings and wellbeing”
  • We want our staff to say: “I value every person as an individual and I feel valued"


We work together to make improvements, delivering consistent high quality, safe care.

  • We want you to say: “I feel confident with the care I receive from a team of healthcare professionals”
  • We want our staff to say: “I support my colleagues and feel engaged in our organization"

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