HIV specialist nursing service


The HIV specialist nursing service in Harrow provides nursing support and specialist advice to those infected or affected by HIV regarding physical, psychological and social needs affecting health. The care packages provided include the following:

  • Patient assessment – assessment of health and social well-being needs in relation to HIV and its impact on the patient’s quality of life
  • Case management – triage and routine face to face and telephone appointments, multi-disciplinary liaison, provision of care, advice and support including support for those co-infected with other illnesses i.e. tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis and psycho-social/mental health/cognitive problems and those with HIV infected/affected children
  • HIV treatment – monitoring and early detection and prevention of adverse reactions, intervention of short and long term side effects, and monitoring of non-HIV medications such as interactions with HIV treatment
  • Adherence support through education and assessment of need for adherence aids such as medication dispensing systems and support around their use, and the continued supplies of all medications
  • HIV testing
  • Transfer of patients –co-ordinate the HIV management, care and support for patients transferring out of Harrow
  • Specialist education, advice and support and health promotion such as sexual health and family planning
  • Rehab, respite and palliative care – assessment and referral to appropriate provider.
  • The team offers flexibility of appointment times and patients may choose where the visit takes place i.e. in their homes, in the clinic or hospital setting
  • The team also work collaboratively with other specialists and generic professionals to facilitate the provision of care for adults with HIV at home
  • The team is pivotal in the development of HIV services within the community. The service also provides education, support and training to professionals and carers within Harrow.

How the service operates                                          

Visits are pre-arranged with the patient according to need. In urgent situations the service may not always be contactable or available and the patient is advised to contact their GP, GUM Clinic for advice or A&E department (in emergencies).

The service is available to advise professionals concerning patients not known to the service. Additional advice may be given concerning local nursing, social and voluntary organisations in relation to HIV.          

Education, support and training to professionals and carers within Harrow, can be arranged through HIV CNSs. This is provided informally or formally, in groups or on a one to one basis depending on the subject matter and requirements.

Referral criteria                                                                               

  • General advice is offered to any infected or affected by HIV
  • Harrow residents
  • People over 16 years of age
  • Referrals can be made in writing, over the telephone or by fax by professionals or by self-referral
  • Please ensure you give your contact details.

Contacting the service

The service is based out of the Caryl Thomas Clinic
Tel. 020 3182 8336
Fax. 020 8861 5245

Or you can write to:

Emma Passera, HIV Lead Nurse
HIV Specialist Nursing Team
Caryl Thomas Clinic
Headstone Drive

Email: emma.passera@nhs.net