Children's community nursing team - Harrow

The Children's Community Nursing (CCN) Team provide nursing care in partnership with children and families with both short and/or long term nursing needs in a community setting.

Our aim is to reduce the length of time you stay in hospital and avoid admission to hospital wherever possible.

We are a team of experienced children’s nurses who help children from 0-16 years (up to 19 years for children with complex needs) to be cared for in a variety of settings (home, school, respite care).  We work closely with other health professionals and organisations to provide the best care for children and their families.

GPs and healthcare professionals can refer any child who lives in Harrow with a nursing need: 

  • Repiratory conditions including oxygen therapy and tracheostomy care
  • Feeding difficulties including the management and teaching of naso-gastric and gastrostomy tube feeding
  • Skin care needs e.g. dressings, eczema, including wet wraps and education and burns/scalds
  • Chronic conditions requiring long term support e.g. neurodisability,
  • Intravenous/subcutaneous/intramuscular therapy or requiring care of central lines
  • End of life care
  • Oncology shared care patients

More information about the Children's Community Nursing Team

Respiratory (asthma and allergy) service

Our nurse led asthma and allergy service provides an education programme and monitoring of medication for children who have had -

  • More than one asthma attack within a year
  • Recently diagnosed allergy
  • Have frequent unscheduled attendance for asthma/wheeze and/or
  • Have difficulties understanding medication regimes and inhaler/epipen technique.

The team also provide training to schools around Asthma and Anaphylaxis and how to manage this in schools

The nursing team are part of the MDT Allergy Service within the hospital holding joint clinics with a consultant and dietician on a Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning. GP’s are able to refer children into these clinics for further testing including blood tests and skin prick testing.

See leaflet below for more information about the Children's Respiratory (asthma and allergy) nursing team - 

Paediatric respiratory (asthma and allergy) nurse specialist service

Please note: referrals into nurse- led clinics can only be made for children with a Harrow based GP.

Who can refer to the service?

Referrals may be accepted from all GPs and other healthcare professionals for any child who lives in Harrow that has a nursing need. 

The service is available Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm. To discuss any patient referral please contact us by calling 020 8869 3914 or alternatively, email lnwh-tr.HarrowCCN@nhs.net.

Children's Community Nursing Team referral form (for healthcare professionals)