TB nursing service - Ealing Hospital

Ealing TB Service sees a high number of active and latent TB cases. TB diagnosis and treatment completion rate is high. In addition to the weekly medical adult and paediatric TB Clinics, there are also several nurse-led clinics. 

Nurse-led clinics

  • TB Contract Screening (Acute and Community)
  • Nurse review/compliance checks (Community)
  • TB Rapid Access Clinic for suspected pulmonary TB
  • Mantoux Clinic
  • Sputum Induction ClinicDirectly Observed Therapy (Acute and Community)
  • Monthly BCG Clinic (Community)  

The service offers conventional imaging, bronchoscopy, blood tests, tuberculin skin test, Sputum Induction and Interferon-Gamma Release Assay (IGRA). 

The TB Nurse Specialists closely monitor all TB patients on latent and full TB treatment for treatment compliance, manifestation of potential side effects and use a risk assessment tool to offer Directly Observed Therapy as necessary. 

TB nursing team

  • Che Cootauco (team leader)
  • Pearl Adase
  • Sue Pope
  • Precious Dzukuso
  • Ruth Quayson
  • Roger Scott (administrator)
  • Ahmed Yassin (TB outreach worker) 
  • Halla Kim 

Contact: ext 5382; email: che.cootauco@nhs.net