How to quit smoking - a step by step guide


Step 1.  Call our freephone number 0800 876 6683 or get started by completing our referral form.

Step 2. Choose your option: 

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Groups are the most effective way to stop smoking.  Call us to find out about a Stop Smoking group starting near you on freephone 0800 876 6683.

If you are unable to attend the stop smoking service, we can provide the programme via  telephone support. Call us for more information.

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One-to-one walk in clinics run across Ealing in different locations and times of the day. Just turn up during the allotted time or call us to book an appointment (recommended).

Pharmacies provide free one-to-one stop smoking support at a time and location convenient to you. They can also discuss which of the many medications that are designed to help you stop smoking are suitable for you  Simply contact your nearest pharmacy for an appointment.

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Also contact us to find out if your local practice nurse offers the stop smoking programme.

Step 3. During session one with your advisor or with your group you will:

  • Set a quit day 
  • Build on your motivation 
  • Develop coping and distraction techniques 
  • Agree on suitable medication 
  • Measure your carbon monoxide levels. 

Step 4. Decide on the medication to suit you.