Mainstream schools

The Mainstream Schools Team provides Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) input to children aged 3-18 who attend a mainstream primary or secondary school across the borough of Ealing.  

Along with school staff and parents we want to improve:

  • speaking and listening skills
  • literacy skills
  • learning for all
  • communication environments
  • best practice

We aim to share our specialist knowledge with parents, educational staff and other health professionals to meet the SLT needs of this population.  This includes the provision of advice and guidance regarding the modification of the school environment to enhance communication and ensure best practice.

FREE centrally run training for staff and parents 

  • Please see the Training section of our website for information on the FREE training we provide. 
  • You can also contact your school Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)  or e-mail  ealingslt.training@nhs.net  to find out more information.  
  • Students must have an Ealing statement/ Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in order to be seen by this service.
  • We receive funding directly from the SEN Service in Ealing to meet the Communication needs of students with a Statement/EHCP in Ealing
  • Students must have an Ealing GP in order to be seen by the Core Schools Service 
  • As part of the Core Schools Service, we see children with any speech, language or communication difficulty aged 3-5 who attend a mainstream nursery or reception in school.
  • Key Stage 1-3 students without an EHCP who have speaking anxiety/ Selective Mutism and/or whose major difficulty is Social Communication and/or Speech difficulties are seen as part of the Core Schools Service 
  • Approximately 2/3 of the schools in Ealing buy-in to our service to meet the needs of students with Communication difficulties within their schools.  Each of these schools, in discussion with the school SLT, choose to use this time in a variety of ways.
  • As part of the Buy-in service we offer services at the universal (of benefit to all), targeted (for vulnerable students) and specialist levels of intervention. 
  • As part of the Buy-in service we can offer: training for staff and parents, support to create communication rich environments with staff, support school to set up groups that can continue with the Speech and Language Therapist, assessment, advice, reviews, therapy, joint IEP setting, referrals to other agencies. 
  • Schools that have chosen not to buy-in to our service have decided to meet the Communication needs of their school through other providers/means – please speak directly to school if this affects you.
  • If you would like more information on the Buy-in service please contact our SLT administrator on 020 8825 8856