Speech and Language Therapy - Ealing Paediatric

Ealing Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) service

The Ealing Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy service works with children who have speech, language, communication and feeding difficulties. 

We work with children whose GP is in the borough of Ealing as well as with children who attend a school in Ealing which has contracted additional speech and language therapy hours. 

Our service is split into two teams. Please select the relevant team for further information.

  • Early Years team (children aged 0-5 who; are not in a nursery setting, attend a private nursery) 
  • Mainstream team (children aged 3-18 who; are in an Ealing mainstream nursery, have an Ealing Education Health and Care Plan with outlined Speech and Language Therapy hours, attend an Ealing school which has contracted additional speech and language therapy hours, have identified social communication difficulties and/or selective mutism). 

What is speech, language and communication?

Communication includes a range of skills: 

  • Attention and listening - the ability to attend and pay attention to others in order to learn 
  • Understanding of language -  the ability to understand what somebody has said or a question they have asked 
  • Using language -talking: using relevant words, speaking in sentences and sharing your thoughts and experiences with others 
  • Social communication - understanding the world around us; building relationships with others; understanding how someone is feeling and responding appropriately, etc. 
  • Speech production -pronunciation of sounds  

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech and Language Therapy aims to:

  • Prevent speech, language and communication difficulties from arising
  • Empower parents and other practitioners to know how best to help their child’s communication develop
  • Support children with speech, language or communication needs to enable them to reach their full potential. 

What do Speech and Language Therapists do?

Speech and Language Therapists work with children and families in way different ways, including: 

  • Assess skills 
  • Give advice and suggest strategies
  • Work with children both individually and in groups
  • Train parents and professionals
  • Work in lots of different places-schools, nurseries, children’s centres, clinics, children’s homes 
  • Work together with practitioners in schools, nurseries and children’s centres 
  • Speech and Language Therapists may also support children with difficulties in feeding 

Who do Speech and Language Therapists work with?

  • Parent/Carers 
  • Children’s Centres 
  • Early Start Team (Health Visitors, Early Start Workers, Community Nursery Nurses)
  • School/nursery staff  
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists