Family Nurse Partnership (FNP)

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The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a specially designed programme for women under the age of 20, having their first baby. 

FNP involves fathers as well as family members and friends in the regular visits by your family nurse. The family nurse will support you, work with you and provide you with useful information and help throughout your pregnancy up until your baby is two years old. So if you are:

  • Under the age of 20?
  • Pregnant with your first child?
  • Less than 28 weeks pregnant?   

You can call and refer yourself or simply speak to your GP/Midwife to join the programme.

Contact us
The Ealing Family Nurse Partnership are based at Hanwell Early Years Centre, 25a Laurel Gardens

Hanwell, W7 3JG - Map and directions

Tel: 020 8825 8244           
Fax: 020 8825 9417
Email: LNWH-tr.ealingfnp@nhs.net


Testimonials - what our clients say about our service:

  • "Having a family nurse has been great! It's nice to have someone to ask for advise when and where you need it. When I was pregnant, I was scared as anything.... But with the family nurse partnership at my side, I knew everything would be okay." (Client aged 16)

  • "Having a family nurse is extremely helpful, especially as a first time parent. The support and act of reassurance issued by them is great! They remind you, you're doing a good job as a parent and support you through any possible rough times. Great service! X" (Client aged 17)

  • "I love having a family nurse. I think everyone should have one. Its extremely helpful , I learn an awful lot and my family nurse is supportive and lovely to talk too" (Client aged 20)

  • "You was the best family nurse ever! Always helpful and knew how I was feeling and came over as soon as my son was born for cuddles for both me and him! We miss you lots x" (Client aged 15)

  • "I love the family nurse partnership service, I found it a great help and the support is great. I would 100% recommend it to other young mums. My family nurse was so friendly and I found her more of a friend than a service. I am really thankful for this service!" (Client aged 18)

  • "I really like having a family nurse because its someone to talk to and someone to reassure me especially because i don't see my midwife as much its nice to have regular meetings with someone" (Client aged 18).