Ealing Health visiting

Health visitors are an integral part of the NHS’s community health services and provide support for all families and children aged under 5 who live in the Ealing borough.  All health visitors are qualified nurses or midwives with additional specialist training and experience in child health, health promotion and education.  Health visitors offer practical support and advice in a number of diverse situations.

Health visitors aim to promote the health of the whole community and not just families with new babies.  They are based in the local Health Centres with other key professionals such as Community Nursery Nurses and Family Support workers who all deliver services from Health Centres, Children's Centres and will also visit you in the home.  Health visitors are subject to a professional code of conduct which requires them to act in your best interest.  More information can also be found here.

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Ealing and Harrow Children's Health Services

The team contact details are as follows:-

Acton and Central Ealing Team
Acton Health Centre, 36-61 Church Road, London W3 8QE
Tel - 020 8383 8748

Northolt and Greenford Team
Grand Union Village Health Centre, Taywood Road, Northolt  UB5 6WL
Tel - 020 3313 7519

Southall and West Ealing Team
Jubliee Gardens Health Centre, Jubilee Gardens, Southall  UB1 2TJ
Tel - 020 3313 7831

Every family with a child under the age of five can contact and see a Health Visitor who can advise on everyday difficulties such as breast feeding, sleeping and general nutrition as well as immunisation programmes, parenting classes, managing difficult behaviour and any special needs your child may have.

Health visitors are working towards a new 'Healthy Child' programme and aim to see families with children under the age of 5 years old at key stages as detailed below:

  • During the antenatal period, between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy

  • Following the birth of the baby between 10-14 days 

  • Between 6-8 weeks after birth

  • Between 9-12 months

  • 2-2.5 years

Health visitors can advise on:

  • Breast feeding and infant feeding support

  • Support fathers-to-be and reassure new fathers about their role

  • Give information on local support networks including ante-natal classes, post-natal groups, breast feeding café and support networks, mother and toddler groups, weaning groups, leisure activities etc.

  • Advise on options for child care available locally

  • Provide support for parents to include teenagers and advise on teenage health matters

  • Domestic violence and the impact on family life signposting families to specialist intervention services

  • Support on parenting and general child care management to include accident prevention, diet and nutrition, behavioural problems, growth and development.

  • Postnatal depression.

Health Visitors provide support to promote emotional well being and can point families to specialist help and services e.g. unemployment, recent bereavement, serious illness, postnatal depression, and family conflicts.  Health Visitors are key practitioners who will support families where there is a child with disabilities or a family who has recently arrived in the country from abroad.

Health Visitors can also provide practical help and advice on how to stay healthy and can also advise and help with HIV/AIDS, screening, alcohol and drug misuse, disability, housing and homelessness, isolation and depression.

Health visitors undertake many interesting and useful projects relating to their work which helps to improve the service they deliver. They work closely with various health professionals e.g. school nurses, midwives, GPs, paediatricians, speech and language therapists and also with voluntary and statutory agencies e.g. social services, children's centres, sharing information on a need to know basis ensuring that children, families and young people receive an enhanced supportive service.

Service provided:

Delivery of the Health Child Programme for 0-5 years of age

  • Health child clinics

  • Health promotion detection or referral of child developmental problems/delays e.g. speech and language, communication maternal mood/depression

  • Enhanced health service to vulnerable families

  • Universal support for children with additional needs

  • Bereavement visits and support

  • Family support services

Service delivery times:

There is some flexibility to see children out of hours and some clinics are held at weekends such as antenatal groups.

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