Nursery rooms

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Nursery rooms

Ealing Hospital's day nursery operates from four large, spacious and bright rooms where children are divided according to age and stage of development. The four rooms are:

  • Twinkles Room - three months to one year old
  • Snowflakes Room - one to two years old
  • Rainbow Room - two to three years old
  • Sunshine Room - three to five years old 

We recognise that every child is a competent learner from birth and develops and learns in a wide variety of ways at different rates.  Hence the above age group is just a guideline. Staff look carefully at the children in their care, consider their needs, their interests and their stages of development.  They use this information to help plan a challenging and enjoyable experience across all age groups that is as rich and personalised as the care parents give their children at home.

Twinkles (baby unit) 

Our baby unit has a ‘home-from-home’ environment.  It has soft furnishings and comforting yet sensory surroundings.  The environment provides plenty of opportunities for babies to have lots of cuddles and interaction with their keyworker, developing loving and trusting relationships with them. 

The routines in our baby room are flexible and planned around the individual needs and interests of the babies.

Outdoor play and walks to the local park are included within the daily routine. The day nursery provides for double buggies.

Parents will have opportunities to speak to their child’s keyworker and will also receive a daily information sheet listing details of their child’s care needs and learning.  This information aids the smooth transition between the day nursery and home.

The adult-child ratio for the Twinkles baby unit is 1:3

Sleep time

A separate sleeproom attached to the main playarea enables the babies to sleep in cots/beds that shall be allocated to each child. Each baby will have their own bedding, which will be labelled with their name and stored in separate plastic baskets.

A sleep chart will be completed each day to record the child’s sleep pattern. Staff will monitor and record the child’s sleep at 15 minute intervals.

The babies sleep ‘as and when’ they require a rest. The keyworker will discuss this with the parent as part of their child’s daily routine.   Staff are unable to wake babies on parents' request due to young children requiring their sleep. Staff are happy to discuss sleeping issues with parent /carers

A flexible routine of sleep will be introduced to the older babies who would be getting ready to move into the ‘big’ rooms. 


The babies will receive a nutritionally-balanced diet whilst at the day nursery. The food is freshly cooked using adventurous mouth-watering recipes.


We ask that parents bring all baby milk pre-measured for the day, labelled with their baby’s name. The bottles will be warmed in the bottle warmer when the baby requires it. A record of the time when the baby receives their bottle will be recorded.  

Parents can bring pre-made boxed formula milk and an empty bottle. The milk should be placed in a sterile container before arriving at the day nursery.  These procedures are in place to eliminate error of administering the incorrect bottle to a child and we ensure sterilisation is completed by the parent /carer at home as we do not have the facility to sterilise bottles.

The babies will be cradled in staff arms whilst feeding. Older babies will be encouraged to hold their bottles themselves as part of their development. Any milk remaining will be disregarded.  Bottles will be disregarded after one hour if a baby refuses their feed.

Bottles will not be sterilised after use - they will be rinsed and placed in the baby's bag to be sterilised at home.

Water, juice, fresh fruit and cows milk will be provided throughout the day.  Staff will ensure sterilisation of utensils such as spoons, bowls and cups after use. 

All dietary requirements will be followed as directed by the parent/carers in writing. 

Staff will liaise with parent/carers about the best nutritional options in weaning and feeding babies.

Unhealthy practices such as adding salt or sugar to food is discouraged. Parent /carers requesting this will need to speak to the nursery manager to discuss further. 

Nappies/change of clothes

Please provide a pack of nappies and wipes to leave at the nursery. We will inform you when more are required. Please provide two full sets of clothes that can be left at the nursery including vests and socks. The clothes should be appropriate for all weather conditions.  Wellington boots should also be provided for outdoors.

Personal items

Please provide any personal items such as dummies, comforters etc that will make your baby’s time at nursery comfortable. As there may be several items of clothing or comforters that are the same we ask that all baby’s belongings are labelled.

Open door policy

The day nursery operates an 'open door' policy and is happy for parents to visit their baby at any time throughout the day. The only exception to this would be if your child becomes very upset at being left. 

The open door policy is open to the parents of the babies only.  Friends and colleagues will not be permitted into the nursery or baby unit. 

Snowflakes Room

Once the baby is one year old and walking unaided, they move to the Snowflakes room. The learning environment in this room provides opportunities to listen to stories and nursery rhymes in the book corner. Children enjoy using the real pots and food items and pretending to be mummy and daddy in the home corner. Use of a variety of reclaimed resources in the room provides the children with sensory experiences and gives them opportunities to transport things.

Children at this age love getting their hands 'dirty' in messy play like cornflour, water, sand. Children are encouraged to learn social skills of sharing and taking turns. They create strong relationships with their keyworker and begin to develop a bond with their peers as well.

Children are weaned away from formula milk to cows' milk. Parents are requested to provide a clean and empty milk bottle. The nursery will provide fresh cows' milk. 

At lunch children have a two-course freshly-cooked meal with choice of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables. The meals reflect the dietary and cultural requirements of children attending the nursery.

Children will have regular rest/sleep times as and when they require.

Please provide a pack of nappies and wipes and two full sets of clothes that can be left at the nursery including vests and socks.  Label all personal items like clothes, dummies or comforters. 

The adult-child ratio for the Snowflakes room is 1:3

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow room accommodates children from two to three years old maintaining an adult-child ratio of 1:4.

Our Rainbow room provides for a rich and varied environment to support children’s learning and development. It gives them the confidence to explore and learn through secure and safe yet challenging opportunities. The room is divided into different workshops,namely, messy play, creative play, imaginative role play, problem-solving area, literacy workshop, exploratory area, cosy book area and construction area.

Children will have regular rest/sleep times as and when they require.

Please provide a pack of nappies and wipes and two full sets of clothes that can be left at the nursery including vests and socks.  Label all personal items like clothes, dummies or comforters.

Sunshine Room

The pre-school room accommodates children from the age of three years to five years with an adult-child ratio of 1:8.

During this age children are building a stronger sense of their own identity and their place in the world. Opportunities are provided for children to learn and recognise the importance of social rules and customs, to show understanding and tolerance of others, and to learn how to be more controlled in their own behaviour.

Children are involved in valuable experiences in the pre-school room to enable them to plan and undertake more challenging activities with a wider range of materials for making and doing.

Children are introduced to a wider variety of natural, real-life equipment, resources, media and technology to develop literacy, problem-solving, reasoning and numeracy skills. Although the learning is more structured and planned the emphasis is still on having fun and learning through play. A great deal of thought has been given to the organisation of our pre-school room which invites exploration, experimentation, collaboration and the engagement of all senses. The learning experiences in our pre-school room promote and value children’s creativity and  ideas.

The nursery employs a full-time qualified teacher who is responsible in leading the foundation stage curriculum in this room.

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