Primary Care Carer Liaison Service (PCCLS)


The Primary Care Carer Liaison Service (PCCLS) is a new clinically nurse-led service. It offers expert advice, support and carries out some carers assessments. The key service is to provide support for carers, GPs and clinicians to access services and be a key communicator and trainer to ensure they are links with community and secondary care.

The PCCLS will act as the single point of access for referrals for carers assessments from GPs, district nurse, school nurses, and other clinicians also the Hub 

The service offers:

  • Identification of mental health need in carers using risk assessment
  • Identification of physical health needs in carers using risk assessment
  • Support though CCG funding for carers who meet the eligibility criteria. 

Referral criteria:

  • Age 16-59yrs
  • Carers living in Brent with Brent GP
  • Carers who are living outside of Brent with Brent GP
  • Carers who are not registered with Brent GP but provide care to someone who is registered with a Brent GP. 

Referral/screened/triage using a risk assessment tool:

  • Five days urgent-red
  • Seven working days-(amber)
  • Ten days non urgent (green).

 Who can refer?

  • Health professionals through fax/email
  • Patient and families
  • Self-referrals.

 Note: please ensure that the individual going to be referred has consented to the referral.

Where are we based?

The primary care carer liaison lead is based in Brent and works across GP practices within Brent. We are based at the Willesden Centre for Health and Care. 

Tel: 020 8438 7006 (switchboard)

Email: eretta.dowansingh@nhs.net