Paediatric physiotherapy (Brent)

The Brent paediatric physiotherapy service provides a child and family-focused therapy approach to children and young people in Brent, who have physical motor difficulties that may impact on their function or development.

Children may receive therapy at various locations in Brent, including community and MSK clinics, mainstream or special schools, nurseries, children’s centres or patient’s home.

What is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that promotes the health and wellbeing of all. Physiotherapists are responsible for the assessment and physical management of problems due to accident, injury, ageing, disease or disability. Paediatric physiotherapists have specialist skills as physiotherapists, along with additional expert knowledge and experience of child development and childhood disabilities.   

Who do we see?

Children and young people accessing our service are subdivided into two main pathways:

  • Long term conditions, physical disabilities and developmental problems  (0-18 years, 19 years in special schools)
  • Musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions (0-16 years)

What do we do?

Therapists provide evidence and experience based intervention options with clear pathways (specialist intervention). They actively support self-management and empower children, young people and families to self-manage their own needs (targeted intervention).

Each child/young person will be fully assessed by one of our physiotherapists at their initial appointment and, together with the family, we will plan what to do next depending on the child/young person’s need and the outcome that is required.

Physiotherapy intervention may include:

  • Provision of an exercise or physical/postural management program
  • Individual or group sessions with physiotherapist or physiotherapy assistant
  • Provision of specialist equipment (e.g. orthotics, mobility aids and postural management equipment)
  • Review of child or young person’s physiotherapy needs and program after an agreed period of time
  • Training of parents/carers/school staff to carry out exercise or physical/postural management programs, and integrate them into the child or young person’s daily routine where indicated
  • Liaison with parents/teachers/learning support assistants/nurses and medical staff as appropriate
  • Onwards referral to other services as indicated e.g. wheelchair service, podiatry, other therapy services (i.e. OT/SALT)

We work from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) with flexibility outside these hours on request.

The team is based at:

Chalkhill Primary Care Centre
113 Chalkhill Road

Contact: Sarah Leer, Lead for Brent Paediatric Physiotherapy

Tel: 020 8736 7119                       

Admin: Tel: 020 8736 7107

Email: LNWH-tr.brentpaedphysioreferrals@nhs.net

We accept referrals for children living in Brent, with a Brent GP and/or attending a Brent school, aged     0-16 years and to 19 years for children attending a special school.  MSK referrals upto 16 years of age.

Our referral criteria/guidelines for referral are available on request.

Referrals can be accepted using Brent Paediatric Physiotherapy referral form or GPs can refer through BROS Paediatric Community Services Referral Form

Referrals should be sent to:

Sarah Leer
Lead for Brent Paediatric Physiotherapy
Chalkhill Primary Care Centre
113 Chalkhill Rd

Tel: 020 8736 7119

Admin: 020 8736 7107

Email: LNWH-tr.brentpaedphysioreferrals@nhs.net