Integrated Care Co-ordination Service (ICCS)


What is the Integrated Care Co-ordination Service? 

We are a unique team working across health, voluntary sectors and social care services. To promote independence enabling older people stay in their homes safely as long as possible.

We have five care co-ordinators, with each one based within the district nursing teams in each locality.

We provide a service, which identifies needs through a holistic assessment and then pulls together a range of services around the individual to:

  • Problem solve
  • Help older people achieve their own goals
  • Help maintain or increase independence and improve quality of life
  • Minimise risk.
Our location and team

The team are based at the Willesden Centre for Health and Care

Tel: 020 8438 7204
Fax: 020 8438 7215

Our team: 

  • Rachel Sandi, Care Co-Coordination Service Lead/Wembley Locality
  • ToyinLigali,Team Administrator
  • Yvette Beckley, Care Coordinator,The Kilburn Locality
  • Marcia Wall, Care Coordinator,The Kingsbury Locality 
  • Claudette Witter, Care Coordinator,The Harlesden Locality
  • Felicity McLeish, Care Coordinator,The Willesden Locality
  • Doreen Robertson-Benjamin, Care Coordinator,The Wembley Locality