Blood test service (Phlebotomy)


Where can I get a blood test? 

GP Surgeries

You may be able to have a blood test at your GP surgery, providing the surgery you are registered with has agreed to offer this. Please contact your GP surgery for more information. 

If your GP referred your child for a blood test but the surgery does not offer a blood test service for children please call 020 8869 2915.  Please note that all GP referrals should use this number. You can call this number from Monday to Friday from 10.30am to 12.30pm. Appointments can be booked for children under age 16.

Note: We no longer provide the phlebotomy service for people over the age 18. You will need to contact your GP practice to find the nearest place where this service is offered.

If your child is under 10 years old and a Northwick Park or Central Middlesex consultant has requested a blood test please call 020 8869 3131. Please note we will only accept Northwick Park or Central Middlesex consultant’s referrals on this number. You can call this number from Monday - Friday from 9am to 3.45pm.

If your child is aged 10 years or above and one of the consultants form Northwick Park or Central Middlesex has requested a blood test, you need to go to the main phlebotomy department that is located behind the main reception desk. This is a walk-in clinic and it is open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 4.30pm.

If your child was referred for a blood test from any other service (community paediatric, another hospital, health visitor, midwife etc) please call 020 8869 3131 from Monday - Friday from 9am to 3.45pm.

What do I need to do if I’ve been referred for a fasting blood test? 
If you have been referred for a fasting lipids, a fasting glucose test or a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) you will be required to fast prior to having your test. 

Please do NOT eat or drink anything, other than water, from 10 pm the night before.  You should drink water on the morning of your test to stop you getting dehydrated. You are advised to bring a juice drink and a biscuit/snack to eat after your test.

You should follow your doctor’s advice with regard to taking any prescribed medication on the morning of the test.

What do I do if I’ve been referred for a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)?
This specialist fasting test is only carried out at at Wembley Centre for Health and Care

You MUST book a morning appointment for this test, in advance, by calling the booking line from 9am - 12pm and from 1pm and 3pm Monday to Friday - 020 8795 6057

The test takes two hours to complete:

  • A blood sample will be taken first and then you will be given 300mls of glucose solution to drink
  • You will be required to stay for two hours for a second sample to be taken. You may wish to take a seat in the waiting room and bring a book or a magazine. This is a resting test so it is important that you do not exert yourself
  • After the second blood sample has been taken you will be able to eat and drink. You are advised to bring a carton of juice and a snack to eat at the end of the test so that you don’t feel dizzy.

How do I get my results?
Results for standard blood tests are available in approximately five - seven working days and are sent straight to your GP by the lab. Results for urgent blood tests are usually available within 24 hours. 

Please follow your GP’s instructions regarding obtaining your results.