Neurology Inpatient Physiotherapy 

The neurology physiotherapy service provides assessment, rehabilitation and physical maintenance programmes for anyone admitted with a stroke or neurological condition. The stroke services are located at Northwick Park Hospital within the Hyper-acute Stroke Unit and the Stroke Unit (Haldane and Herrick Wards).

Neurological physiotherapists work across all wards to assess, treat and advise on patients who have been admitted with a neurological diagnosis, or who have a long standing neurological condition and can be contacted via the neuro-outreach bleep. Gladstone 1 ward based at Central Middlesex Hospital has 12 neuro - rehabilitation beds mainly used for neurosurgical patients who have been repatriated from specialist centres. 

The therapists work very closely with the multidisciplinary team to provide a goal orientated approach to rehabilitation and provide a seven day service.  They link in with the discharge teams and with other services to facilitate onward rehabilitation and referrals to therapy specialist services. 

Neurology Outpatient Physiotherapy Northwick Park Hospital 

We have a dedicated neurology physiotherapy team led by a highly specialist physiotherapist to provide outpatient physiotherapy for all patients with neurological conditions including:

  • vestibular disorders
  • Stroke 
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Cerebellar Ataxia 

Referrals are accepted from Consultants, GP’s and therapists.

The main purpose of neurology outpatient physiotherapy is to assist with recognition of key physical problems, how to manage them through education and advice and to maximise your function and safety. 

The first appointment will be a comprehensive assessment, followed by a discussion to plan your treatment and agree a therapy aim which will remain the focus. 

We also offer hydrotherapy, a vestibular rehabilitation class, strength and balance exercise class and an upper limb rehabilitation class, all of which are offered as long-term self-funded maintenance classes. 


Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospital

Central Middlesex Hospital

  1. Neurology physiotherapist Bleep 592 
  2. Esther Slinn, Lead Therapist esther.slinn@nhs.net 


Ealing Hospital

Information coming soon.