Inpatient physiotherapy


Once referred to a therapist, we will conduct an assessment involving a physical assessment and gathering information from you, the team and sometimes your family/carers. The therapist will then discuss what treatment or intervention is appropriate. The aim of therapy is to maximise function and independence.

You can find out more about our inpatient teams below.

Respiratory, Medicine and Surgery Therapy Team
This team assesses and treats patients referred by medical teams during their stay in hospital due to an acute episode of illness. They treat patients who have been referred for chest or mobility issues occurring during their stay, as well as those admitted with a pre-existing chest condition.

The role of the respiratory physiotherapy team comprises acute respiratory care and chronic respiratory disease management, including advanced non-invasive ventilation and tracheostomy management and assessment for home oxygen therapy.

At Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospital we also provide mobility assessment and rehabilitation in areas not covered by the Orthopaedic, Care of the Elderly and Neuro-Physiotherapy teams. This is a seven day a week service, 08:30 - 16:30.

At Ealing Hospital we are involved in the enhanced recovery programme for colorectal patients. The service also provides 24 hours Emergency Respiratory care seven days a week.


Bleep 114 (Ealing Clinical Lead Respiratory Physiotherapy Team)
Bleep. 580 (Northwick Park Medical Physiotherapy)
Bleep. 581 (Northwick Park Surgical Physiotherapy)

Vascular team
The role of the vascular physiotherapy team based at Northwick Park Hospital includes the specialist assessment and rehabilitation of Vascular patients. We provide Physiotherapy for the North West London Vascular Hub, providing specialist advice to other Physiotherapy teams and the wider MDT. We provide an inpatient service to Surgical High Dependency Unit and Edison Ward. We also see select vascular outliers in other clinical areas. A large proportion of our caseload involves rehabilitation of post-operative patients including debridements, bypasses and amputations. We assess mobility, provide rehabilitation and provide specialist respiratory management. This is a seven day service, 08:30 - 16:30.

Contact: (Monday to Friday)

Bleep. 585 (Northwick Park)

Orthopaedics team
The orthopaedic physiotherapists are responsible for the assessment and treatment of patients admitted to the wards with both traumatic injuries and elective procedures. The aim is to provide rehabilitation as soon as the patient is able, as well as being taught exercises and post-operative advice to aid their recovery.

Patients that have undergone an elective joint replacement are involved in a rapid recovery programme. The rapid recovery programme ensures patients are well informed prior to having their surgery by attending a joint school; this information is delivered by a variety of team members (anaesthetist, pain nurse, nurse, occupational therapist and physiotherapist). Being well informed ensures the patients actively participate in their rehab.

On the trauma and fractured neck of femur wards, the physiotherapists work closely with the other members of the multi-disciplinary team to improve mobility, strength and aim to get patients safely home following their surgery.


Bleep. 584
Mobile: 07825 106 089 (Central Middlesex)
Bleep 113 - Clinical lead orthopaedics Physiotherapy team (Ealing Hospital)

Older Adults/Acute Medical Physiotherapy team
These teams assess and provide therapy intervention for patients under the care of a consultant geriatrician/elderly care consultant, during the acute and rehabilitation stage of their hospital admission. 

The therapists work across the hospitals including wards, the Acute Medical Unit and Older Persons Rapid Assessment Clinic, and provide advice, support and equipment, as well as exercises and interventions to maximise independence. Working in close partnerships with our nursing, medical and social work staff, we will advise you and your family or carers about leaving hospital, or whether further rehabilitation is beneficial. Our therapists also conduct exercise classes and Falls education programmes for patients, as well as teaching sessions for other healthcare professionals.


Bleep. 593 (Central Middlesex Hospital)
Bleep. 272 (Ealing Hospital)
Bleep. 592 (Northwick Park and St Mark's Hospital)

Neurology and Stroke team
The neurology physiotherapy service provides assessment, rehabilitation and physical maintenance programmes for anyone admitted with a stroke or neurological condition. The stroke services are located at Ealing and Northwick Park Hospitals. 

At Ealing Hospital they Neurology physiotherapists work across all wards and can be contacted via the bleep system. 

At Northwick Park within the Hyper-acute Stroke Unit (Haldane Ward) and the Stroke Unit (Herrick Ward). General neurology physiotherapists work across all wards and can be contacted via the neuro-outreach bleep.

Gladstone 1 ward based at Central Middlesex Hospital has 12 neuro-rehabilitation beds mainly used for neurosurgical patients who have been repatriated from specialist centres.

The therapists work very closely with the multidisciplinary team to provide a goal orientated approach to rehabilitation and provide a seven day service.


Central Middlesex Neurology Physiotherapist
Bleep. 592

Neurology Team (Ealing Hospital)
Bleep. 112

Stroke team (Northwick Park Hospital)
Tel. 07825 106090

Neuro-Outreach service (Northwick Park Hospital)
Bleep. 551

A&E Frailty Team
The Frailty team is a new initiative started since Nov 13. The process of identifying suitable patients is done in A&E using a screening tool through computer software, which then sends a text message to the mobile phone held by the physiotherapist. He then screens the patient using a multi-factorial assessment tool, which includes falls assessment and the dementia screen and identifies the most appropriate patient care pathway. This could be a discharge home with advice and Intermediate Care  Services, further intervention in the community.


Clinical Lead Older adult/Acute Medical Physiotherapy Team
Bleep. 272 

Women’s Health Physiotherapy Team
A team of highly skilled physiotherapists including clinical specialist assess patients from across the borough with women’s and men’s urological, gynaecological and bowel dysfunctions path.

The therapists are highly skilled in the use of EMG pro feedback and electrical stimulation and use of all modern tools for pelvic floor re-education.

We offer an antenatal class to promote – for delivery and transition to motherhood.

The in patients gynaecology team are responsible for assessment and treatment of patients with gynaecological impairments including post operation care.

Additionally the team provides information and exercises for post natal care.


Clinical Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapy Team
Tel: 020 8967 5378

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team
The PRS service at Ealing is an education and exercise course provided to patients referred by their GP, Practice Nurse, Chest Clinic, Community Matron or other respiratory/care teams.

It has been set-up for patients affected by COPD and other chronic respiratory conditions such as bronchiectasis, lung fibrosis, chronic asthma, kyphoscolisios and pre/post transport.

Once referred you will be invited to attend an assessment after which, if deemed suitable, you will be enrolled onto a six week course consisting of two hour sessions twice a week (one hour of gentle exercise tailored to your specific needs plus an hour for an informative talk.

A patient transport service is available for those who have difficulty travelling independently.


Clinical Lead for Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Ealing
Tel: 020 8967 5235